Jersey City  New Jersey

Last month's meetup:

Friday, October 19: Hacktoberfest 2.0 Brew-Ha-Ha
WHEALTH at Journal Square

For more detailed information, see the post on our Medium.

We had three conflicting themes for this upcoming meeting. On one hand, it’s Octoberfest and a lot of hackers love beer. On the other hand, it’s Hacktoberfest and a lot of hackers love improving code. Then you add in Halloween where we get to dress as a Prostitute Apple Newton and act like an ass-hat. So we decided…why not all three? Please join us for a stuffed to the brim meet up with activities such as drinking our first ever DEFCON 201 Homebrew beer, doing git pulls for FREE T-Shirts, work on your Halloween outfit and more!


7:00PM - 8:00PM: Intro: Meet & Greet  | DEFCON 201 members

Chat amongst friends, coordinate your public key portfolio, add cards to your Rolodex™, and warm up for the talks!

8:00PM - 8:20PM: Talk: $brew Open Source Beer: A Study Of Large Scale Projects  | Sidepocket

In this talk, we'll go over how to brew your own beer, and how we brewed our own beer, and why that may not exactly be the same thing...

8:20PM - 8:50PM: TBA: TBA  | TBA

To be announced.

8:50PM - 9:00PM: Talk: Intro to Hacktoberfest  | Sidepocket, GI Jack

9:00PM - 9:55PM: Workshops: September 2018  | Open participation

Workshops today are: Hacktoberfest, Open Source Show and Tell, and Halloween Costume Craftathon

9:55PM - 10:00PM: Wrap-Up: Official end of meeting  | Good night!