Jersey City — New Jersey

This month's meetup:

Friday, March 19th: FOUR F&•»—ING YEARS
Online — Streaming Live

Big Blue Button link will be posted on March 19th at 5PM EST.

For more detailed information, see the post on our Medium.

We are going to party like it’s 1995, because now that we know that there is a plague out there — unlike last time — in the immortal words of a moron, "WE'LL DO IT LIVE!" on the DEFCON 201 LIVE Stream! This month we are going to make YOU the focus of the event along with special guests from all over the hacker world to drink, play, and hack our way into a new year of Dirty Jersey!


DEFCON 201 is streaming online.

Live Streams are available at:

 | Twitch

 | dLive

 | YouTube

Ending at 6:30PM: Pre-pre-show: This is New Jersey  | New Jersey Bell Telephone Company (From the archives, 1956)

This Technicolor film was produced in 1956 for the New Jersey Bell Telephone Company, and based on a 1953 John T. Cunningham book This is New Jersey.

6:30PM - 7:00PM: Pre-show: 🎵 Hacker Tunes  | miss jackalope

We at DEFCON 201 are honored to have the reigning queen of hacker beats, Miss DJ Jackalope, to do a 30 minute music set for our anniversary!

7:05PM - 7:30PM: Talk: Slipping A Mickey: The Strange OSINT Iceberg of The Walt Disney Corporation  | Sidepocket

In this talk, we will go through a select history of Disney technologies, from the scrapped EPCOT future city, to the innovative People Movers, the ill-fated domain and the Magic Band RFID badges that are being used today! And of course, how to hack all of them!

Starting 7:30PM: 🥳 Party!: DEFCON 201 Anniversary Party

Hang out in our Big Blue Button Senfcall instance where you can chat about 1337 haxxs (and drink)! Various notorious hackers from all over the net will join us including some special guests that YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS!

Starting after the main content: Special Features:

Workshop: Hacker Show & Tell

After our lightning talks DEFCON 201 members will be given an opportunity to show off the various projects that they have been working on. You can join in any time as we chat and some things we might be showing off for the first time so you don’t want to miss this on the LIVE Stream!

Workshop: DEFCON 201 VidHug  | Link will be posted March 18 on our Medium, Twitter, and here.

Sadly some of our favorite people won’t be able to make it live, including many of you. So after we share it to some of our personal folks, we will be posting publicly the link to our VidHug to record a massive pre-recorded Anniversary video! You can record yourself wishing us a happy 4 years, show off 1337 skills and shout HACK THE PLANET in Zero Cool style!

Ending at 12:00 at the latest: Sign-Off: Good night!  | End of program.

Note: Twitch Viewers will Raid another Stream, dLive Watchers will earn LEMONS!

COVID-19 Notice: Keep an eye out for your fellow hacker. Whether you're social or anti-social, practice distancing.