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This month's meetup:

Friday, April 16th: Application Is Meditating
Online — Streaming Live

For more detailed information, see the post on our Medium.

Join us for this month's meet up as we deep dive into more traditional hacker AF topics from hardware maniuplation, exploits, digital archiving and more!


DCG 201 is streaming online.

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7:00PM - 8:00PM: Pre-show: It's not FINished: The Evolving Maturity in Ransomware Operations  | Mitchell Clarke, Tom Hall, Joe Slowik (Black Hat Webcast Series)

Our PRE-SHOW will feature a relevant talk from the Black Hat Webinar series! Synopsis from their description below:

Ransom demands are becoming larger, attackers smarter, and intrusions longer. We will be sharing tradecraft we've seen ransomware threat actors employ across Europe in 2020. Not only are intrusion tactics improving, but attackers are also transitioning and developing sleek ransomware-as-a-service platforms. Threat actors are professionalising and streamlining their platforms. These platforms are being used by threat actors to generate malware, to communicate and negotiate with victims, and in some cases, for payment processing and decryption utility delivery.

8:00PM - 8:30PM: Talk: Detecting At-Risk Software Infrastructure  | Kaylea Champion

Software serves as infrastructure, and it can suffer from a lack of maintenance. We want to understand how to detect this kind of risk in Free/Libre Open Source Software infrastructure before major failures occur.

8:30PM - 9:00PM: Workshop: The Joycon Symphonic Orchestra  | sirocyl

In this talk DCG 201 Member sirocyl will look at a program that allows Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons to play .midi files. This will be followed by a mini-jam session that might extend to the hang out portion of the meet up!

9:00PM - 10:00PM: Talk: npm's Gone Wild: The undefined Edition (CVE-2021-28918)  | SickCodes, John Hacking, Kaoudis, Koroeskohr, Tensor_Bodega

How we copped a decade old 0-day, while fixing another one. Randomly assembled global team of then strangers. The power of dropping research on a Sunday.

Starting after the main content: Special Features:

Workshop: Hacker Show & Tell

After our lightning talks DCG 201 members will be given an opportunity to show off the various projects that they have been working on. You can join in any time as we chat and some things we might be showing off for the first time so you don’t want to miss this on the LIVE Stream!

Starting 5PM EST April 16: Workshop: PlaidCTF 2021  | To join the CTF, see:

This Friday, starting on April 16th at 5:00 PM EST, we invite all DCG 201 Members, Attendees and Fans to help us hack the PlaidCTF 2021! If you are new to Online CTF, we will help you get set up and walk you through some of the challenges. Then you can log in anytime after until April 17th 5:00 PM EST to continue our CTF conquest!

What To Bring: Any laptop will do. Ideally you want to load it full of Information Security Red Team and Blue Team tools, look at Kali Linux, Parrot OS, Pentoo or Black Arch for ideas. To participate online, you will need a Discord Account and to join our Discord at this link:

To learn more about the CTF, please follow the link above!

Ending at 12:00 at the latest: Sign-Off: Good night!  | End of program.

Note: Twitch Viewers will Raid another Stream, dLive Watchers will earn LEMONS!

COVID-19 Notice: Keep an eye out for your fellow hacker.  | GET YOUR VAX. They're available. Schedule it today.

And finally, Whether you're social or anti-social, practice distancing.