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This month's meetup:

Friday, May 21st: Virtual Light
Online — Streaming & on NOWHERE VR

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Join us for a special, entirely Virtual Reality online meet up broadcasted out of the DCG 201 LIVE Streams, where we look at VR’s past mistakes, security, privacy, development and how it can be used for both good and evil.

Schedule: All times  America/New_York.

DCG 201 is streaming online.

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5:00PM - Now until Nowhere: VR Lounge: NOWHERE Virtual Reality Hacker Hangout  | DCG 201

Come meet us in the Virtual World of NOWHERE, a new social and events platform that revolutionizes online gathering by offering face-to-face interaction in beautifully designed three-dimensional spaces! Hang out, talk on your mic, turn on video to show off your hacker shit and watch the LIVE Stream through the virtual world followed by an after party featuring amazing music!

5:30PM - 5:55PM: Pre-show: Beyond the Looking Glass (1993)  | Jaron Lanier

A great time capsule on what VR technology was like in the early 1990’s and what their hopes were for the future of the technology.

6:00PM - 7:00PM: Talk: XRSI: The Reality Of Securing Virtual Worlds  | Kayva Pearlman

Kavya Pearlman, founder of XR Safety Initiative is busy building processes, standards and finding novel cyberattacks to stay ahead of the bad guys that are coming for this rising new domain of Virtual Reality.

7:00PM - 7:30PM: Talk: LÖVR: What’s happening in the world of one Open Source VR Library  | Andi McClure

LÖVR is a cross-platform, open-source VR engine created by Bjorn Swenson, an alternative to Unreal or Unity that lets you create a VR game or app in just a few lines of Lua. We’ll have Andi McClure by to talk about VR development in general, give a demo of LÖVR, and show off her LÖVR-based commercial game “SKATEGIRL DESTROYS THE UNIVERSE”.

7:30PM - 8:00PM: Workshop: Alloverse: Free & Open Source Virtual Reality  | Nevyn Bengtsson

Continuing from the LÖVR talk, we will air a video presentation by Nevyn Bengtsson showing off his project Alloverse, a LÖVR-based metaverse. Come watch if you’re curious about LÖVR or just want to see one nonstandard approach to VR dev.

8:00PM - 8:20PM: Talk: Spot the Surveillance: A VR Experience for Keeping an Eye on Big Brother  | Rory, and Artemis Schatzkin (EFF)

Spot the Surveillance is an open-source educational Virtual Reality (VR) tool to help people recognize and understand the types of surveillance technology that police deploy in their communities. This talk will be how it was built and what is the future of this edu-virtual tech.

8:20PM - 9:00PM: Talk: Surfing The 90’s Virtual Reality Internet With VRML  | Sidepocket

Our DCG 201 Co-Founder has once again used his digital archeology skills to unearth another piece of virtual technology that the internet has forgotten about. We will go over the VRML language, try to create a .wrl WORLD from scratch and trace its lineage to a shocking conclusion!

Starting after the main content: Special Features:

Starting 9:00 PM: VR After-Party: Virtual Reality Concert @ DCG 201 NOWHERE Virtual Reality Hacker Hangout  | DJ Vulp

We will be having an awesome DJ set by a virtual DJ while we party the night away and talk about 1337 haxxs! This will both be on our LIVE Streams as well as in our NOWHERE virtual world!

Ending at 12:00 at the latest: Sign-Off: Good night!  | End of program.

Note: Twitch Viewers will Raid another Stream, dLive Watchers will earn LEMONS!

COVID-19 Notice: Keep an eye out for your fellow hacker.  | GET YOUR VAX. They're available. Schedule it today.

And finally, Whether you're social or anti-social, practice distancing.