Jersey City  New Jersey

This month's meetup:

Friday,May 17: The System Is Down
SUBCULTURE Jersey City, 260 Newark Ave.

Note! Meeting location changed!

The May meeting, and all following meetings for the foreseeable future, will be held at SUBCULTURE Jersey City.

Do not arrive at WHEALTH!

For more detailed information, see the View our Medium Blog Post....

Join us in a continued celebration of our new venue and find out what is up ahead for DEFCON 201 from June to September!


7:00PM - 8:00PM: Intro: Meet & Greet + Digital Detox  | DEFCON 201 members

Chat amongst friends, coordinate your public key portfolio, add cards to your Rolodex™, and warm up for the talks!

8:00PM - 8:10PM: Lightning Talk: Configuring Privoxy & JonDo  | n0ctilucient

[Pending description]

8:10PM - 8:40PM: Talk: TBA  | NCommander

[Pending description.]

8:40PM - 8:50PM: Lightning Talk: Vintage Computer Festival East 2019: A Recap and Show & Tell  | sirocyl

In this short talk, our presenter will go over the Vintage Computer Festival (VCF) East including a show and tell of the COMPAQ SLT 286 he bought at the festival.

8:50PM - 9:55PM: Workshops: JMay 2019  | Open participation

Talk about and work together on projects!

9:55PM - 10:00PM: Wrap-Up: Official end of meeting  | Good night!

Note: SUBCULTURE closes at 10pm. Please make sure your belongings are together before closing time.

10:00PM - zzz: Unofficial Ad-Hoc Hours: Downtown JC  | Who's up?

We may decide to regroup at a local late night venue such as a diner or bar afterwards; this is ad-hoc and entirely unregulated airspace. Participate at your own risk.